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Indulge Your Customers With Our Luxury Scent Diffusers & Premium Fragrances For Business Setting

Business Scenting

Understand The Essence Of Business

By engaging customers' sense of smell, scent marketing can create emotional connections, trigger memories, and influence behavior. For luxury brands, scent marketing can reinforce the brand's values and create a premium, high-end experience for customers. Additionally, scent marketing can differentiate a brand from competitors and contribute to a unique and distinctive brand identity. With the right scent, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, increase dwell time, encourage repeat visits, and ultimately drive sale.


Transform Your Workspace Into An Oasis Of Luxury With Our Premium Scent Diffusers

Aroma Sphere

How it works


Scent In Corporate

Create a memorable experience for clients and visitors.

A well-chosen scent in the corporate workspace can elevate the mood & increase productivity

It can contribute to the overall well-being of employees, improving their mood and reducing stress levels.

Scent In Hospitality

Improved guest experience and overall satisfaction.

Positive impact on guest behavior and willingness to spend more time and money.

Creation of a distinctive brand identity and ambience, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.


Scent In Health & Fitness

Improves mood and relaxation.

Enhances focus and concentration.

Masking unpleasant odors, creating a more pleasant environment.

Sent in Retail

Improved customer experience and perception of the brand.

Increased sales and customer spending.

Creation of a unique and memorable brand identity and ambiance.